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Moderato cantabile
Marguerite Duras
publisher: Minuit, Paris, 1958

translated as:
Moderato cantabile
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1966
translation: Richard Seaver

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The Sorrow of Belgium
Hugo Claus

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This is not a typical chronical of adultery, but a carefully woven tapestry that begins with a 'crime passionelle,' which takes place while Anne Desbaresdes' young son is having his piano lesson. A jealous lover has murdered the woman he loves.
Fascinated by the crime, Anne returns several times to the bistro where it took place - drinking through the afternoon with one of her husband's workmen, who patiently answers all her eager questions, inventing what he does not know. Inevitably events move toward a climax, as the
reader gradually realizes what it is that really attracts her.
Peter Brook filmed Moderato... in 1960 with Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Pierre Belmondo. A haunting, oblique love story, it perfectly demonstrates the Duras technique of associating human emotion with locales and landscapes, and of describing longing, loneliness and love through references to weather, temperature, the color of the sky and the sound of the sea.


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Moderato cantabile
The dissatisfied wife of a rich provincial industrialist forms an attachment to one of her husband's workmen.
Yann Andréa Steiner
A semi-autobiographical novel exploring the anarchic nature of passion, the traumas of childhood and the legacy of the Holocaust.
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