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Oxford English Dictionary
John Simpson (Chief Editor)
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 3rd Edition in the making

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The planned Third Edition, or OED3, is intended as a nearly complete overhaul of the work. Currently (as of 2005) John Simpson is the Chief Editor. Since the first work by each editor tends to require somewhat more revision than his later, more polished work, it was decided to balance out this effect by performing the early, and perhaps itself less polished, work of this revision pass at a letter other than A. Accordingly, the main work of the OED3 has been proceeding in sequence from the letter M. When the OED Online was launched in March 2000, it included the first batch of revised entries (officially described as draft entries), stretching from M to mahurat, and successive sections of text have since been released on a quarterly basis; by December 2005, the revised section had reached at least to words starting with ph. As new work is done on words in other parts of the alphabet, this is also included in each quarterly release.

New content can be viewed through the OED
Online (by subscription or at libraries offering this service) or on the periodically updated CD-ROM edition. It is even possible that the OED3 will never be printed conventionally, but will only ever be available through the medium of a computer. That will be a decision for the future, when it is nearer completion.

The actual production of the new edition, of course, takes full advantage of computers, particularly since the June 2005 inauguration of the whimsically named 'Perfect All-Singing All-Dancing Editorial and Notation Application', or Pasadena. With this XML-based system, the attention of lexicographers can be directed more to matters of content than to presentation issues such as the numbering of definitions. The new system has also simplified the use of the quotations database, and enabled staff located in New York to work directly on the dictionary in the same way as their Oxford-based counterparts.

Other important computer uses include Internet searches for evidence of current usage, and email submissions of quotations by readers and the general public.

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Oxford English Dictionary
3rd Edition in the making
The Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past.
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