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De engelenmaker
Stefan Brijs
publisher: Atlas, Amsterdam, 2005

translated as:
The Angel Maker
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 2008
translation: Hester Velmans

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After many years Doctor Victor Hoppe returns to the small village where he grew up. His return after so long years generates much interest - and suspicion - especially since he is accompanied by three triplets, all of whom share the same physical deformity as the doctor: a hare lip. These children are very quiet and are rarely seen in the village. But with time, and a series of apparently miraculous cures and tales of the wife he has lost, the doctor begins to win the villagers over. He hires an ex-schoolmistress, Charlotte, to look after the children and gives her strict instructions about the way they are to raised. But the longer Charlotte works with the doctor, the more she begins to suspect that the children - and the doctor himself - aren't what they seem.


The Angel Maker
A country doctor's desire to correct the mistakes of nature eventually lead him to ruin and disgrace.
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