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The Collected Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Parker
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam,

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Dorothy Parker, more than any of her contemporaries, captured the spirit of her age in her writing. The decadent 1920S and 1930s in New York were a time of great experiment and daring for women. For the rich, life seemed a continual party, but the excesses took their emotional toll. With a biting wit and perceptive insight, Dorothy Parker examines the social mores of her day and exposes the darkness beneath the dazzle. Her own life exemplified this duality, for a while she was one of the most talked-about women of her day, she was also known as a 'masochist whose passion for unhappiness knew no bounds.' As philosopher Irwin Edman said, she was 'a Sappho who could combine a heartbreak with a wisecrack.' Her dissection of the jazz age in poetry and prose is collected in this volume along with articles and reviews.

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The Collected Dorothy Parker

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