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Wait Until Spring, Bandini
John Fante
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1938

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John Fante recalls his first novel, recently republished by Black Sparrow Press: 'Now that I am an old man I cannot look back upon Wait Until Spring, Bandini without losing its trail in the past. Sometimes, lying in bed at night, a phrase or a paragraph or a character from an early work will mesmerize me and in a half dream I will entwine it with phrases and draw from it a kind of melodious memory of an old bedroom in Colorado, or my mother, or my father, or my brothers and sister... of this I am sure: all of the people of my writing life, all of my characters are to be found in this early work. Nothing of myself is there any more, only the memory of old bedrooms, and the sound of my mother's slippers walking to the kitchen.'


Ask the Dust
Fante describes the adventures of his alterego, Arturo Bandini, as the struggling young writer tackles Los Angeles in the late 1930s.
Wait Until Spring, Bandini
The life of a poor Italian immigrant family in 1920s America.
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