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Nachlass zu Lebzeiten
Robert Musil
publisher: Humanitas Verlag, Zurich, 1936

translated as:
Posthumous Papers of a Living Author
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 2006
translation: Peter Wortsman

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This collection of exploratory pieces, short stories, and reflections was originally published in Zurich in 1936. It was the last volume Robert Musil published before his sudden death in 1942. Musil had begun to fathom the impossibility of completing his monumental masterpiece The Man Without Qualities and this volume reveals his shift to a radically different form. Musil observes a fly’s tragic struggle with flypaper, the laughter of a horse; he peers through microscopes and telescopes, dissecting both large and small. Musil’s quest for the essential is a voyage into the minute.


The Confusions of Young Törless
At a bleak, isolated military school on the fringes of the Austro- Hungarian Empire, four young cadets - Torless, Beineberg, Reiting and their victim Basini - drift even further away from their school- fellows into a private world of ritual, secrecy and torture.
The Man Without Qualities
Ulrich has no qualities in the sense that his self-awareness is completely divorced from his abilities. He is drawn into a project, the 'Parallel Campaign,' to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph's coronation in 1918.
Posthumous Papers of a Living Author
This work, written mostly in the Twenties and first published in 1936, is a collection of satirical stories and essays that 'observe human life in the tiny traits by which it carelessly reveals itself.'
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