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Dr No
Ian Fleming
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1958

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Double Play: The Story of an Amazing World Record
Frank Martinus Arion

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M hasn't forgiven James Bond for the negligence on his last assignment that nearly cost Bond his life. Brusquely, almost contemptuously, he tosses Bond a time-wasting, shabby little case in the Caribbean. It will really be a holiday on an island in the sun convalescence.
Angrily Bond accepts his orders. He flies off to Jamaica. The sun shines,
the palm trees wave, the calypsos throb.
But on the horizon a cloud forms. It is no bigger than a man's hand an articulated steel hand the hand of Dr. No!
This, the sixth of Ian Fleming's Secret Service thrillers, will, as did the others, grip the reader with a taut, suave, sensual stranglehold. (from the original jacket copy, 1958)


Dr No
Ace undercover agent James Bond travels to the Caribbean to investigate why a secret service team has mysteriously disappeared.
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