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Notre Dame des fleurs
Jean Genet
publisher: L'Arbalète, Lyon, 1943

translated as:
Our Lady of the Flowers
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1957
translation: Bernard Frechtman

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The Outsider
Albert Camus

This Blinding Absence of Light
Tahar Ben Jelloun

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Jean Genet's seminal Our Lady Of The Flowers is generally considered to be his finest fictional work. The first draft was written while Genet was incarcerated in a French prison; when the manuscript was discovered and destroyed by officials, Genet, still a prisoner, immediately set about writing it again. It isn't difficult to understand how and why Genet was able to reproduce the novel under such circumstances, because Our Lady Of The Flowers is nothing less than a mythic recreation of Genet's past and then - present history. Combining memories with facts, fantasies, speculations, irrational dreams, tender emotion, empathy, and philosophical insights, Genet probably made his isolation bearable by retreating into a world not only of his own making, but one over which he had total control.


Our Lady of the Flowers
Written in a French prison, this semi-autobiographical novel by the author of Miracle of the Rose, Funeral Rights, Querelle of Brest and The Thief's Journal, describes the life of a young murderer.
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