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The Sea
John Banville
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 2005

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The narrator of John Banville's eerily slow new novel finds himself at a seaside backwater after the death of his wife. The long, languorous and melancholy days drift between memories - of a life together and of a sickness, mixed with those of a formative summer spent in this town many years ago. The sea and its environs form both backdrop and stylistic metaphor. Every scene comes in a wave, the memories washing up to us as formlessly as they do to Max himself, teasing him, and us, with their semblances and resemblances to things that might, and may not, have happened as he remembers them. They draw us in, and yet there is something ominous about their pull and about the sea to which they pull. There is something exquisite about the slowness of this writing. Nothing much happens of course, just a wash of prose, which is exactly what Banville is good at. Given that this book is something of a meditation on life, its passing, and the memories that carry it, it seems right spending pages finding the right words to capture how life is, rather than what it is.

- Andrew Cornish, Readings


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The Sea
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The Grace family appeared that long-ago summer as if from another world. Drawn to the Grace twins, Chloe and Myles, Max soon found himself entangled in their lives which were as seductive as they were unsettling. What ensued haunts him for the rest of his years and shapes everything that is to follow.
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