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De val
Marga Minco
publisher: Bert Bakker, 1983

translated as:
The Fall
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1990
translation: Jeannette K. Ringold

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The Cave
Tim Krabbé

City of Glass
Paul Auster

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Frieda Borgstein, resident of a model home for seniors in Amsterdam, prepares to celebrate her birthday for the first time in 40 years. To those around her, she appears a paragon of self-possession and strength; nevertheless, she cannot defend herself from appalling memories of the night in 1942 when, on the verge of fleeing to Switzerland, the rest of her family was betrayed to the Nazis while mere chance spared her. Minco periodically interrupts Frieda's story to set up the inevitable sequence of events that will kill Frieda on the eve of her 85th birthday. The aftermath of this tragedy prompts a more subtle analysis of disaster itself: What is a trap laid for destruction, the author asks, and what is simply a fall occasioned by an indifferent force of destiny?



The Fall
The irremediable sorrows of a Holocaust survivor.
The Glass Bridge
After twenty years, a woman travels to the village in the southern Netherlands to find out what she can about the person whose identity she took during the WW II.
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