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De glazen brug
Marga Minco
publisher: CPNB, 1986

translated as:
The Glass Bridge
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 1987
translation: Stacey Knecht

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Written in hushed tones that convey immediately the fear of discovery, this penetrating Holocaust memoir chronicles five wartime years spent in hiding by Stella, a young Dutch artist who assumes the identity of a dead woman. As Maria Roselier, she falls in love with and preserves the memory of the man who risked his own life by providing her with Maria's papers. Only by indirection do we learn that Stella's family was taken away by the Nazis; she escaped by climbing to the roof. The narrative contains no overt horrors - only the image of the insubstantial bridge of the title, Stella at one end, her adored father at the other, walking toward each other but never meeting. She cannot rid herself of the part of her that became Maria, and after the war she spends years searching for the house where her alter ego grew up.



The Fall
The irremediable sorrows of a Holocaust survivor.
The Glass Bridge
After twenty years, a woman travels to the village in the southern Netherlands to find out what she can about the person whose identity she took during the WW II.
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