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Voyage autour de ma chambre
Xavier de Maistre
publisher: , 1794

translated as:
A Journey Around My Room
publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 2004
translation: Andrew Brown

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The Psychiatrist and Other Stories
J.M. Machado de Assis

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What do you do when you find yourself imprisoned in your room for six weeks? Xavier de Maistre, a twenty-seven-year-old Frenchman found himself in this uneasy situation when he was arrested in Turin after a duel, in the Spring of 1790. But even confined to his room, as he was, with only a butler and a dog for company, de Maistre managed to fill his time by embarking on a journey around his bedroom, later writing an account of what he had seen, and eight years later, making a second journey, this time travelling at night, and making it as far as the window ledge. Whether travelling from his bed to his sofa, or even to his mirror, he wears his 'travelling outfit', consisting of his favourite pink and blue pyjamas. Out of his forced reclusion comes a delightful fantasy, and de Maistre's new take on the travel literature of the past went on to inspire many future writers, such as Marcel Proust.


A Journey Around My Room
Confined to his quarters for 42 days as punishment for dueling, the French soldier Xavier de Maistre (1763-1852) decides to undertake a journey around his room.
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