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A Thousand Lies [2006]

Abe, Kobo
Suna no Onna [1962]

Achebe, Chinua
Things Fall Apart [1958]

Al-Shaykh, Hanan
Misk al-Ghazāl [1988]

Alencar, José Martiniano de
Iracema [1865]

Ali, Monica
Brick Lane [2003]
Alentejo Blue [2006]

Allende, Isabel
Inés del alma mía [2006]

Allende, Isabel
El Zorro: Comienza su destino [2004]
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Laxdoela Saga [ca. 1000-1500]

Arion, Frank Martinus
Double Play: The Story of an Amazing World Record [1973]

as herself
Nuruddin Farah's mother []

Atwood, Margaret
The Penelopiad [2005]

Atwood, Margaret
Surfacing [1972]

Austen, Jane
Sense and Sensibility [1811]
Emma [1816]
Persuasion [1818 (posthumous)]

Austen, Jane
Pride and Prejudice [1813]

Auster, Paul
The New York Trilogy [1985-1986 (published together in 1990)]

Auster, Paul
The Music of Chance [1990]

Awerbuck, Diane
Gardening at Night [2003?]

Baldwin, James
Notes of a Native Son [1955]

Balzac, Honoré de
Eugénie Grandet [1833]

Balzac, Honoré de
'La Comédie Humaine' [1830-1850]

Banville, John
Prague Pictures: Portrait of a City [2003]
The Sea [2005]
–› Excerpt

Barker, Pat
'The Regeneration Trilogy' [1991-1995]

Beckett, Samuel
Mollot [1947 (published in 1951)]

Beets (Hildebrand), Nicolaas
[Camera Obscura] [1839-1854]

Behn, Aphra
Oroonoko [1688]

Beigbeder, Frédéric
99 francs [2000]

Bellow, Saul
The Adventures of Augie March [1953]
Seize the Day [1956]
Ravelstein [2000]

Bellow, Saul
Herzog [1964]

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Jacques Henri
Paul et Virginie [1777]

Boccaccio, Giovanni
Il decamerone [1353]

Boon, Louis Paul
Chapel Road [1953]

Bordewijk, F.
Character: A Novel of Father and Son [1938]

Bradbury, Ray
Something Wicked This Way Comes [1962]

Brijs, Stefan
The Angel Maker [2005]

Broch, Hermann
Der Tod des Vergil [1945]

Brontë, Charlotte
Jane Eyre [1847]

Brontë, Emily
Wuthering Heights [1847]

Bulgakov, Mikhail
Master i Margarita [1967 (posthumous)]

Burgess, Anthony
Earthly Powers [1980]

Camus, Albert
L'homme révolté [1951]

Camus, Albert
L'étranger [1942]

Carroll, Lewis
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass [1865 / 1871]

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de
El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha [1605 / 1615]
–› Excerpt

Chabon, Michael
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay [2000]

Chamoiseau, Patrick
Texaco [1992]

Chopin, Kate
The Awakening [1899]

Coetzee, J.M.
Age of Iron [1990]
Elizabeth Costello [2003]

Comte, Auguste
Discours sur l'esprit positif [1898]

Condé, Maryse
La migration des coeurs [1995]

Conrad, Joseph
Heart of Darkness [1898]

Couperus, Louis
Old People and the Things that Pass [1906]

Csáth, Géza
Naplo 1912-1913 [1989]
–› Excerpt

cummings, e.e.
The Enormous Room [1922]

Cunningham, Michael
The Hours [1998]

Dangor, Achmat
Bitter Fruit [2001]
–› Excerpt

Danielewski, Mark Z.
House of Leaves [2000]
The Fifty Year Sword [2005]
–› Excerpt

Danticat, Edwidge
Breath, Eyes, Memory [1994]

Dickens, Charles
The Pickwick Papers [published in monthly installments March 1836 - Oct 1837]

Dickens, Charles
David Copperfield [1849-1850]
Hard Times [1854]
Great Expectations [1860-1861]

Dickens, Charles
Bleak House [1852-1853]

Dische, Irene
Fromme Lügen [1989]

Doctorow, E.L.
Ragtime [1975]
–› Excerpt

Doerry, Martin
Mein verwundetes Herz [2002]

Dos Passos, John
The 42nd Parallel [1930]
1919 [1932]

Dos Passos, John
Manhattan Transfer [1925]

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor M.
Selo Stepanchikovo i ego obitateli [1859]

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor M.
Prestuplenie i nakazanie [1866]

Duras, Marguerite
Moderato cantabile [1958]

Duras, Marguerite
Yann Andréa Steiner [1992]

Eeden, Frederik van
Van de koele meren des doods (1900) [1900]

Eggers, Dave
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius [2000]

Eliot, George
Middlemarch [1871-1872]

Elsschot, Willem
Three Novels: Soft Soap, The Leg, Will-O’-the Wisp (Het dwaallicht) [1924 / 1938]

Emants, Marcellus
A Posthumous Confession [1894]

Fante, John
Ask the Dust [1939]

Fante, John
Wait Until Spring, Bandini [1938]

Farhi, Moris
Young Turk [2004]

Faulkner, William
Light in August [1932]

Flaubert, Gustave
Madame Bovary, moeurs de province [1857]

Fleming, Ian
Dr No [1958]

Fontane, Theodor
Der Stechlin [1898]

Ford, Ford Madox
The Good Soldier [1915 (as Ford Madox Hueffer)]

Ford, Richard
Wildlife [1990]

Forster, E.M.
A Passage to India [1924]

Franck, Julia
Lagerfeuer [2003]
–› Excerpt

Freud, Sigmund
Die Traumdeutung [1899]

Gaildon, Mahmood
The Yibir of Las Burghabo [2004]

García Márquez , Gabriel
Cien ańos de soledad [1967]

García Márquez , Gabriel
El amor en los tiempos del cólera [1985]

García Márquez , Gabriel
Memoria de mis putas tristes [2004]

Genet, Jean
Notre Dame des fleurs [1943]

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Die Leiden des jungen Werther [1774]

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Gogol, Nikolai
Mertvye Dushi [1842]

Goldblatt, David
The Structure of Things Then [1998]

Goncharov, Ivan
Oblomov [1859]

Gordimer, Nadine
The House Gun [1997]

Gordimer, Nadine
The Pickup [2001]

Graves, Robert
The Greek Myths [1955]

Greene, Graham
The End of the Affair [1951]

Greene, Graham
The Heart of the Matter [1998]

Grossman, Vasily
Zhizn' i sud'ba [it's complicated (see description)]

Grunberg, Arnon
Phantom Pain [2000]

Haasse, Hella S.
Forever a Stranger and Other Stories [1948]

Haddon, Mark
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time [2003]

Hammett, Dashiell
The Maltese Falcon [1930]

Hardy, Thomas
Jude the Obscure [1895]

Harris, Wilson
Palace of the Peacock [1960]

Harrison, Kathryn
Envy [2005]
–› Excerpt

Haskell, John
American Purgatorio [2005]
–› Excerpt

Haskell, John
I Am Not Jackson Pollock [2003]

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Young Goodman Brown and Other Tales [1998]

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The House of the Seven Gables [1851]

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Scarlet Letter [1850]

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Blithedale Romance [1852]

Hemingway, Ernest
Men Without Women [1927]

Hemingway, Ernest
Winner Take Nothing [1933]

Hermans, Willem Frederik
Beyond Sleep [1966]

Hermans, Willem Frederik
The Dark Room of Damokles [1958]

Heynen, Jim
The One-Room Schoolhouse [1993]
–› Excerpt

Heynen, Jim
The Boys' House [2001]

Odysseia [ca. 700 v.Chr.]

Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Gerard Manley Hopkins: the Major Works []

Houellebecq, Michel
Les particules élémentaires [1998]

Hoving, Isabel
The Dream Merchant [2002]

Hughes, Richard
A High Wind in Jamaica [1929]

Hugo, Victor
Les misérables [1862]

Jacq, Christian
Ramsčs, fils de la lumičre [1997]

James, Henry
Daisy Miller [1878]

Jergovic, Miljenko
Sarajevski Marlboro [1994]

Jones, Edward P.
Lost in the City [1992]
–› Excerpt

The Known World [2003]
–› Excerpt

Joyce, James
Ulysses [1922]

Joyce, James
Dubliners [1914]

Joyce, James
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [1914-1915]

Kafka, Franz
Ein Hungerkünstler [1924]

Kappen, Rob
[Klein verhaal van een grote gekte] [2003]

Kazantzákis, Níkos
Ho teleutaios peirasmos [1955]

Khoury, Elias
Bab al-Shams [1998]

Kincaid, Jamaica
Annie John [1985]

Kourouma, Ahmadou
Les soleils des indépendances [1968]

Krabbé, Tim
The Cave [2001]

Kumpfmüller, Michael
Durst [2003]

Lamb, Charles
Tales from Shakespeare [1807]

Lamming, George
In the Castle of My Skin [1953]

Laxness, Halldór
Paradísarheimt [1960]

LeBlanc, Adrian Nicole
Random Family [2003]

Lermontov, Mikhail
Geroj nasego vremeni [1840]

Lessing, Doris
Mara and Dann [1999]

Lewis, (Harry) Sinclair
Main Street [1920]

Lonnrot, Elias
Kalevala [middeleeuwen]

Lovecraft, H.P.
The Call of Cthulhu, and Other Weird Stories [2002]

Machado de Assis, J.M.
Papéis Avulsos [1882]

Mahfouz, Naguib
Al-Thulathiyya [1956-1957]

Maistre, Xavier de
Voyage autour de ma chambre [1794]

Manzoni, Alessandro
I promessi sposi [1825-1827]

Marugg, Tip
Weekend Pilgrimage [1957]

Mason, Richard
The Lighted Rooms [2008]

Maupassant, Guy de
Contes [1887-1891]

Mazzucco, Melania
Vita [2003]
–› Excerpt

Meek, James
The People's Act of Love [2005]

Melville, Herman
Moby Dick [1851]

Melville, Herman
The Confidence Man [1857]

Mercier, Pascal
Nachtzug nach Lissabon [2004]

Minco, Marga
The Fall [1983]
The Glass Bridge [1986]

Mohamed, Nadifa
Black Mamba Boy [2010]
–› Excerpt

Moore, Lorrie
A Gate at the Stairs [2009]

Moore, George A.
Confessions of a Young Man [1888]

Morrison, Toni
Beloved [1987]

Mortier, Erwin
Marcel [1999]

Mulisch, Harry
The Procedure [1998]

Mulisch, Harry
Two Women [1975]

Max Havelaar or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company [1860]

Multiple authorship? Single authorship?
Historia Augusta [late 3rd, early 4th century? late 4th century?]

Musil, Robert
Nachlass zu Lebzeiten [1936]

Musil, Robert
Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften [1930]

Márai, Sándor
Vendé́gjá́té́k bolzanoban [1940 (?)]

Nabokov, Vladimir
Lolita [1955]

Nabokov, Vladimir
Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle [1969 / 1990 (reissue edition)]

Nada, John
Carlos the Bewitched [1962]

Naipaul, V.S.
A House for Mr Biswas [1961]

Naipaul, V.S.
A Bend in the River [1979]

Nesin, Aziz
[Yasar ne yasar, ne yasamaz] [1977]

Olafsson, Olaf
Höll minninganna [2003]
–› Excerpt

Olafsson, Olaf
Fyrirgefning syndanna [1991]
Slóđ Fiđrildanna [1999]

Orwell, George
Nineteen Eighty-Four [1949]

Parker, Dorothy
The Collected Dorothy Parker []

Phillips, Arthur
Prague [2002]
–› Excerpt

The Egyptologist [2004]
–› Excerpt

Poe, Edgar Allan
Eureka, a prose poem [1848]

Poe, Edgar Allan
Tales of Mystery and Imagination [1833-1849]

Pratchett, Terry
Discworld Novels';'The [1983-...]

Radojcic, Natasha
Homecoming [2002]
–› Excerpt

You Don't Have to Live Here [2005]

Remarque, Erich Maria
Im Westen nichts Neues [1929]

Rhys, Jean
Wide Sargasso Sea [1966]

Roth, Philip
Portnoy's Complaint [1967]

Roth, Philip
Letting Go [1962]
The Counterlife [1986]
Patrimony [1991]
Everyman [2006]

Rowling, J.K.
'Harry Potter' novels [1997-2007]

Rowling, J.K.
The Philosopher's Stone [1997]
The Chamber of Secrets [1998]
The Prisoner of Azkaban [1999]
The Goblet of Fire [2000]
The Order of the Phoenix [2003]
The Half-Blood Prince [2005]
The Deathly Hallows [2007]

Rushdie, Salman
Shalimar the Clown [2005]

Rushdie, Salman
Grimus [1981]

Rytkheu, Yuri
Son v nachale tumana [1968]

Safran Foer, Jonathan
A Convergence of Birds [2001]

Safran Foer, Jonathan
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close [2005]

Salih, Tayeb
Mawsim al-hijrah ilŻa al-shamŻal [1966]

Sartre, Jean-Paul
Le mur [1939]

Schmid, Wilhelm
Mit sich selbst befreundet sein [2004]
–› Excerpt

Schnitzler, Arthur
Leutnant Gustl [1901]

Scott, Sir Walter
Rob Roy [1817]
Quentin Durward [1823]

Scott, Sir Walter
Ivanhoe [1820]

Scott, Sir Walter
The Talisman [1825]

Shafak, Elif
Bit palas [2002]

Shafak, Elif
Mahrem [2000]
–› Excerpt

Shakespeare, William
A Midsummer Night's Dream [1596]

Shelley, Mary
Frankenstein [1818]

Shikibu, Murasaki
Genji monogatari [1006]

Simpson (Chief Editor), John
Oxford English Dictionary [3rd Edition in the making]

Smith, Zadie
White Teeth [2000]

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander
Rakovy korpus [1968]

Stead, Christina
The Man Who Loved Children [1940 (1965: revised edition)]

Steinbeck, John
East of Eden [1952]

La chartreuse de Parme [1839]

Le rouge et le noir [1830]

Sterne, Laurence
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman [1759-1767]

Stevenson, Robert Louis
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde [1886]

Stevenson, Robert Louis
Kidnapped [1886]

Stoker, Bram
Dracula [1897]

Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Uncle Tom's Cabin [1852]
–› Excerpt

Sturluson, Snorri
The Prose Edda [ca. 1200]

Styron, William
Sophie's Choice [1979]

Svevo, Italo
La coscienza di Zeno [1923]

Swift, Jonathan
Gulliver's Travels [1726]

Söderberg, Hjalmar
Doktor Glas [1905]

Tepper, Nanne
The Happy Hunting Grounds [1995]

The Steinsaltz Edition
The Talmud [???]

Tolstoy, Leo N.
Anna Karenina [1877]

Tolstoy, Leo N.
Voyna i mir [(1864-1869)]

Toole, John Kennedy
A Confederacy of Dunces [1980]

Twain, Mark
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court [1889]

Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [1884-1885]

Vladislavic, Ivan
The Restless Supermarket [2001]
–› Excerpt

Vuyk, Beb
'The Last House in the World' [1939]

Vyleta, Dan
Pavel & I [2008]
–› Excerpt

Vyleta, Dan
Crimes, Jews and News [2007 (as Daniel Mark Vyleta)]

Walker, Alice
The Color Purple [1982]

Ward, Artemus
The Complete Works of Artemus Ward [2005 (reprint)]

Wells, H.G.
The Island of Dr Moreau [1896]

Wells, H.G.
War of the Worlds [1898]

Wharton, Edith
The Age of Innocence [1920]

Wharton, Edith
The House of Mirth [1905]

White, T.H.
The Once and Future King [1958]

Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Tractatus logico-philosphicus [1922]

Woerden, Henk van
A Mouthful of Glass [1998]

Wolfe, Tom
I Am Charlotte Simmons [2004]

Yeats, William Butler
'The Second Coming' [1920]

Yourcenar, Marguerite
Mémoires d'Hadrien [1951]

Yourcenar, Marguerite
Denier du ręve [1934]
Nouvelles orientales [1938]
Le coup de grâce []

Zilahy, Péter
Az utolsó ablakzsiráf [1998]
–› Excerpt

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