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Yuri Rytkheu
Siberia 8 March 1930 Chukchi novelist and short story writer

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Born in Uelen, a village in the Chukotka region of Siberia, Yuri Rytkheu has sailed the Bering Sea, worked on Arctic geological expeditions, and hunted whale in Arctic waters, in addition to authoring over 10 novels and collections of stories. In the late 1950's Yuri Rytkheu emerged as not only a writer of considerable literary talent, but as the unique voice of a small national minority - the Chukchi people. His novels and short stories about Chukotka introduced generations of readers to the history and mythology of those who call one of the most majestic and inhospitable environments on Earth their home. A bestseller in Germany and Switzerland, Rytkheu's works are also well-loved in Japan, Finland, Denmark, and France.

A Dream in Polar Fog
Siberian-born author Rytkheu chronicles a Canadian sailor's life among the Chukchi people of northeastern Siberia in a lyrical, instructional novel that reads like an adventure story wrapped around an ethnography.
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