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Sándor Márai
Kassa 11 April 1900 - San Diego 22 Feb. 1982 • Hungarian novelist

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Sándor Márai was born in Kassa, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in 1900. He rose to fame as one of the leading literary novelists in Hungary in the 1930s. Profoundly antifascist, he survived World War II, but persecution by the Communists drove him from the country in 1948, first to Italy and then to the United States. Márai committed suicide in San Diego in 1989. He is the author of a significant body of work - 27 novels and 15 collections of stories, essays, and poems - many of which Knopf is translating into English.

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At a castle in the Carpathian moutains, two men meet for the first time in 41 years, having spent their lives waiting for this moment. Decades earlier an event - something to do with a betrayal and a woman - led to the friends separation but as their lives draw to a close the truth is revealed.
Conversations in Bolzano
1940 (?)
It is midnight, October 31st 1758 and Giacomo Casanova has escaped from a Venetian prison after sixteen months consigned to darkness and the underworld...
Memoir of Hungary
This memoir by exiled Hungarian novelist Sándor Márai provides a portrait of life in Hungary between the German occupation in 1944 and the solidification of Communist power in 1948.
[Eszter hagyatéka]

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